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9 January, 2019

Béjar to Herrera: “This project does not belong to a political party, but to Madrid and its citizens”.

The 'Herrera en Cope' radio programme was broadcast live from the new exhibition space at Madrid Nuevo Norte
20 December, 2018

Madrid Nuevo Norte’s new interactive space at 120 Castellana Avenue

Citizens can now get a glimpse of the Madrid of the future at the new exhibition space located at 120 Castellana Avenue
19 December, 2018

DCN opens the Madrid Nuevo Norte exhibition

Citizens can now visit the open exhibition on the Madrid of the future at 120 Castellana Avenue
2 October, 2018

The regeneration projects of Madrid and Milan go hand-in-hand at Architecture Week

The discussion panel organised by COAM Foundation addressed the similarities and differences between Madrid Nuevo Norte and Scali Ferroviari, the project that will transform seven obsolete railway infrastructures in Milan.
20 September, 2018

Madrid Nuevo Norte has been given the initial approval

Madrid City Council’s Delegate for Sustainable Development, José Manuel Calvo, welcomes the support of the four political groups at the municipal plenary session for this plan, and describes it as “historic”.
1 August, 2018

Béjar: “There is massive social support for Madrid Nuevo Norte”

The president of DCN added that the works at Madrid Nuevo Norte could start in 2019 if the administrative procedures progress as expected. The project "is already a reality”.
27 July, 2018

Institutional presentation of Madrid Nuevo Norte with broad consensus

The institutional presentation of the Madrid Nuevo Norte project took place on Friday, 27 July. The project, which will be developed on 235 hectares in the north of Madrid, will be a milestone in urban regeneration, sustainable mobility and job creation for the capital.
18 April, 2018

The administrative procedure of Madrid Nuevo Norte kicks off

“This is a step forward, but the main thing now is to secure the City Council's initial approval as soon as possible," said the president of DCN
6 April, 2018

Antonio Béjar meets with the neighbours who call for speedy approval of Madrid Nuevo Norte

The president of DCN pointed out that the historic consensus reached last summer must be fulfilled.