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7 May, 2021

Drones at the service of ‘smart cities’

More sustainable and cheaper travel, time optimisation and relief of urban traffic congestion are some of the advantages of drones for transport and air taxis.
21 January, 2021
ciudad inteligente

BIM: the 21st-century urban design technology

BIM technology allows to create a virtual model identical to the actual city, known as “digital twin”, which opens a vast new field of possibilities.
13 January, 2021
ciudades inteligentes

Smart city: The smartest cities are the most humane

The true potential of a digital city is unleashed when people are placed at the centre of decision-making to improve their quality of life.
11 August, 2020
Anillo Verde Ciclista, pedaleando Madrid de punta a punta

Green Cycling Belt, cycling from one end of Madrid to another

The 64-kilometre long Green Cycling Belt connects Madrid’s outlying neighbourhoods with large parks such as Lineal del Manzanares, Juan Carlos I or Casa de Campo.
31 July, 2020
Movilidad eficiente e imagen icónica  confluirán en la estación de Chamartín

Efficient mobility and iconic image will converge at Chamartín station

Adif has already undertaken initiatives to prepare for the significant change in rail mobility in the commuter, long-distance and high-speed networks.
20 May, 2020
El Ayuntamiento licita la reforma del Nudo Norte,  una actuación coordinada con Madrid Nuevo Norte

The City Council issues a call for the reform of the Nudo Norte (Madrid Northern Interchange), an action coordinated with Madrid Nuevo Norte

This redevelopment will reduce traffic congestions and CO2 emissions, improving road safety significantly. The works will begin this year with a 22-month execution period.
19 May, 2020
¿Cómo será en el futuro la entrega de paquetería en nuestras ciudades?

What will package delivery be like in the future in our cities?

Urban logistics has been a key factor in the health crisis, but no less vital once it abates. Cities are seeking solutions for the so-called last-mile delivery.
29 April, 2020
La historia de Chamartín, de pequeño apeadero a la estación más avanzada de Europa

The history of Chamartín Station, from train stop to Europe’s most advanced station.

A review of 53 years of Chamartín station’s, from its origin as a small train stop to its future as a railway hub that is an international benchmark and the heart of the Spanish High-Speed Rail system (AVE, in Spanish).
19 February, 2020
La Comisión Europea y el Ministerio de Transición Ecológica reconocen a DCN sus buenas prácticas de movilidad

The European Commission and the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition acknowledge DCN’s mobility best practices

The initiatives carried out by DCN throughout 2019 have been included as best practices for sustainable mobility on the occasion of the European Mobility Week.