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21 July, 2020

Madrid Nuevo Norte is a national project, but above all a “people-centric project”

Madrid Nuevo Norte is a national project, but above all a “people-centric project”. “It will contribute not only to employment growth and economic prosperity but also welfare, helping to improve the quality of life for millions of citizens”
17 July, 2020

Madrid Nuevo Norte, the first European project eligible for the two most prestigious urban sustainability marks, BREEAM and LEED

Both internationally prestigious certifications guarantee the most comprehensive and advanced sustainability measures
30 March, 2020

DCN celebrates final approval of Madrid Nuevo Norte

La aprobación por unanimidad de Madrid Nuevo Norte en el Ayuntamiento de Madridabrió una nueva etapa en DCN, que se refuerza con este nombramiento.
8 August, 2019

Distrito Castellana Norte appointed Álvaro Aresti as President

10 July, 2019

“Madrid Nuevo Norte should be understood and addressed as a State project”

12 March, 2019

One hundred seventy thousand (170,000) residents embrace DCN’s Social Engagement model for Madrid Nuevo Norte

11 February, 2019

20,000 people have already visited the Madrid Nuevo Norte exhibition

28 December, 2018

DCN and Adif push ahead their agreement to develop Madrid Nuevo Norte

18 January, 2018

Madrid Nuevo Norte, a project committed to the best urban sustainability standards