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29 January, 2020
La conectividad como clave competitiva de las ciudades

Connectivity as a critical competitive factor for cities

An analysis of connectivity as an added value and success indicator for cities. By Carmen Panadero.
30 April, 2019

Madrid welcomes the jobs that will be created by Madrid Nuevo Norte

The project will generate 118,000 jobs during its execution period and an additional 130,000 from activities in the new neighbourhood
18 December, 2018

Madrid Nuevo Norte’s business district puts people at the heart

The innovative business district will create more than 120,000 jobs once the project is completed.
22 February, 2018

Bright outlook for Madrid’s office space market in 2018

After record investment in Spanish real estate in 2017, 2018 is set to be another strong year for the sector, with a total investment of about €13 billion, similar to last year.
4 February, 2018

The office space market saw its best performance since 2007

Madrid’s office space market is going through a golden phase. Driven by the service sector, office space rental has increased nearly by 30%, reaching 637,248 m2, the best figure since 2007.