Vivienda archivos - Madrid Nuevo Norte



29 October, 2019

90% of the housing blocks in Madrid Nuevo Norte will have ground-level retail

Nine out of ten housing blocks in Madrid Nuevo Norte will have mixed uses, including ground-floor retail, workplaces and facilities.
30 July, 2019

Next steps in Madrid Nuevo Norte after the provisional approval

A new phase will now unfold following the unanimous provisional approval of the project at the plenary session of the City Council
13 September, 2018

Below-market-rate housing will play a prominent role in Madrid Nuevo Norte

2,100 below-market-rate housing (VPPB and VPPL) will be built, accounting for 20% of residential buildings, double the required by law
25 May, 2018

The shortage of land zoned for development in high-demand areas has pushed up housing prices in Spain

Two new studies suggest that the price hike is directly linked to the shortage of new housing in Madrid and Barcelona
16 February, 2018

The real estate sector moves towards consolidation

Winds of change in the real estate sector. Traditional firms coexist with the new players that emerged after the crisis.