El Proyecto - Madrid Nuevo Norte

Legal Advice
The data, materials, images and information contained in this document are based on the Madrid Nuevo Norte project (the “Project”), currently subject to administrative processing, as well as information from other public sources, and reflect the own vision of the Project by Distrito Castellana Norte, SA (DCN), incorporating in this document a free recreation of some parts of it.

The recipients of this document must be aware that DCN does not offer any express or implicit guarantee of its completeness or correctness, nor that the competent authorities approve the Project in the terms set forth, its substantial modification or the denial of authorizations. necessary for its execution.

The vision of the Project by DCN is subject to changes and no guarantee is offered, express or implied, regarding its total or partial execution. No decision may be based on the information displayed in this document. Neither DCN, nor its shareholders, administrators, employees or collaborators shall be liable for any damages or losses that may eventually result from the adoption of decisions based on the content of this document.

©Distrito Castellana Norte, S.A. (DCN). All rights reserved

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