La Castellana won’t be extended. Instead, one of its arteries will rise over the M-30 and become a large green walkway leading up to the former hunting grounds of El Pardo.

Agustín de Foxá will be the main artery for the North-South project. Meanwhile, Calle Bambú will extend down to Antonio de Cabezón. Both arteries will have bridges, which will cross over the M-30, and the current Mauricio Legendre bridge will be widened.

South of the M-30, the railway sidings will be covered. Avenida de San Luis will be extended to join up with Calle Viejas.

Two streets will surround Chamartín Station on the north and the south, and they will link up to Sinesio Delgado, Monforte de Lemos and Pío XII. Three bridges, a road traffic tunnel, a pedestrian footbridge, and cycleway will be built to the north of the M-30.