Madrid Nuevo Norte is the product of a consensus reached as a result of the dialogue and collaborative work of all parties involved. City Hall, the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Public Works, Adif and DCN have worked together with a common objective: to give Madrid and its residents the best city project to improve their quality of life. This common objective has enabled all parties to reach a consensus, which is the best outcome that an urban project in Madrid has ever had.

All public bodies involved in the process, which are each governed by a different political party including all the Municipal groups, have come to a historic agreement. This consensus has been strengthened by a process of open participation, which is led by Madrid City Council. It was structured around different tables to which all the local people and collectives, professionals, students and political parties interested in the project have been invited.

Thanks to the consensus and the participation processes, today Madrid Nuevo Norte practically has the unanimous support of its citizens. According to the latest surveys on the issue conducted by the company MyWord*, 80.8% of Madrid residents support the project. This figure increases to 91.7% for the residents of the adjacent neighbourhoods.