The more than 400,000 m2 of Madrid Nuevo Norte’s green spaces will form an extensive network along with parks that already exist, and they will centre around two unique developments: 

1. Parque Central is the new unique green space that will be created on top of the Chamartín railway covering. With a 13-hectare area, this will become one of the city’s iconic spaces. In addition to boasting a special design and landscaped garden, its location, surrounded by the Business District and next to the new Chamartín Station, will give it a unique character. 

2. Another hugely important element is the green artery, made up of a network of parks that connect to each other and to the existing parks in the neighbourhoods. This is the continuation of the city’s main artery (Prado – Recoletos – Castellana) and will be the city’s natural connection to the hills of el Pardo. 


To put the project in context, the more than 250,000 square metres of land allocated to public use are based on a very clear premise: not only does the land need to meet the needs of the new residents who come to live in the area, but above all, it needs to meet the historic demands of Madrid’s adjacent neighbourhoods, which have experienced a shortage of suffi cient public facilities.

Therefore, comprehensive studies of each domain have been carried out to defi ne where the health centres, retirement homes, schools and sporting facilities need to be located, and local residents’ opinions have been taken into serious consideration.