Mission, vision and values - Madrid Nuevo Norte

Mission, vision and values



We focus our efforts on the Madrid Nuevo Norte project, which seeks to renovate the north of Madrid and create an overall positive impact on the city and its inhabitants.

To that end, we apply the best urban development practices with a pioneering approach, while remaining fully committed to society.


We aim to transform the city of Madrid, leaving a legacy to future generations. We believe that Madrid Nuevo Norte is the key 21st-century project for Madrid.



Ethical behaviour is an essential pillar of Distrito Castellana Norte’s actions and decisions.

We also believe that we must act with integrity towards society and each and every stakeholder.

If something is not fit for the citizens, then it is also not fit for Distrito Castellana Norte.


Our actions reflect our belief that transparency is paramount.

We communicate our processes clearly and follow established and verified procedures.

We keep society regularly updated on developments in the project.


We are committed to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Indeed, it is a core and intrinsic value of the Madrid Nuevo Norte project.

We believe that the renovation of northern Madrid requires a sustainable project that reduces pollution, promotes energy efficiency and lower consumption of natural resources and encourages changes in mobility patterns.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in this inclusive project for Madrid’s citizens, in which all have a stake.


We undertake to design and realise the best possible project for the north of Madrid to benefit the people of Madrid and society at large, propelling Madrid to the forefront of the world’s great cities.

We are the first real estate developer in Spain with a Social Engagement Area, whose objective is to engage residents and encourage their participation in the creation of Madrid Nuevo Norte.

We listen to the citizens and keep them informed because urban development in the 21-st century cannot be achieved with our backs to the people.


We favour pioneering measures to create the city, spearheading the best international practices in urban development.

We assess and verify our actions, seeking expert advice on each field: The city is not an experiment; it is everyone’s house.

We do not take for granted any aspect of the city: all matters are carefully examined to ensure excellence in project delivery.