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25 November, 2019
El futuro de Madrid a través de los ojos de una generación comprometida

The future of Madrid through the eyes of a committed generation

The idea to promote an urban regeneration project in northern Madrid to bridge the gap caused by the rail tracks was raised in 1993.
12 November, 2019

Madrid Nuevo Norte, innovative urbanism in the premier league of European projects

Madrid Nuevo Norte proposes an urban planning model different from that which has been implemented in Spain in recent decades, with closer similarity to the more pioneering actions in Europe.
4 November, 2019

Renewed Madrid Nuevo Norte experience

The SIENTE room at Madrid Nuevo Norte’s exhibition with 3D VR headsets, now offers a renewed experience that gives a better insight into the project.
29 October, 2019

90% of the housing blocks in Madrid Nuevo Norte will have ground-level retail

Nine out of ten housing blocks in Madrid Nuevo Norte will have mixed uses, including ground-floor retail, workplaces and facilities.
18 October, 2019

Madrid Nuevo Norte works hand-in-hand with adjacent neighbourhoods

Madrid Nuevo Norte has been designed to integrate the consolidated historic areas with the new ones yet to be built.
10 October, 2019

Future Chamartín train station, an essential element for the future of Madrid

The railway complex will be the region’s mobility hub, helping position the capital of Spain at the European level.
3 October, 2019

From transportation to drinking water: Madrid Nuevo Norte will add infrastructures to the region

The future Chamartin Intermodal Transport Hub will link high-speed and commuter trains, Metro and buses.
16 September, 2019

Sustainable mobility in Madrid Nuevo Norte’s DNA

Public transport has been the cornerstone of Madrid Nuevo Norte’s design.
29 August, 2019

Over three-quarters of Madrid Nuevo Norte’s land will be public

Over 180 hectares of the land on which Madrid Nuevo Norte will be built are for public uses, i.e. 76.56% of the total area of the project.
30 July, 2019

Next steps in Madrid Nuevo Norte after the provisional approval

A new phase will now unfold following the unanimous provisional approval of the project at the plenary session of the City Council
29 July, 2019

Madrid Nuevo Norte unanimously approved at the plenary session of the City Council

The representatives of all municipal groups unanimously supported the provisional approval of Madrid Nuevo Norte during a plenary session of the Madrid City Council.
17 July, 2019

The approval of Madrid Nuevo Norte is one-step closer

The Urban Development Committee clears the way for the provisional approval of Madrid Nuevo Norte at the Municipal plenary session on 29 July.


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