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Responsible Urban Planning

DCN is in the process of renovating the north of the capital through the Madrid Nuevo Norte project. We seek to have a positive impact on the city and its inhabitants through best practices in responsible urban planning.

We proceed from the conviction that a 21st-century city cannot be built without the citizens. Therefore, we listen, inform and incorporate neighbourhood demands into our proposal.

Citizen support

Madrid Nuevo Norte has achieved unprecedented consensus across the political spectrum at the Madrid City Council and the three Administrations involved, each from a different political party. According to the latest surveys*, this consensus extends to the citizens as well, with 80.8% of support amongst the people of Madrid and 91.7% of residents in neighbouring districts.*

* 1. A survey conducted in Madrid in November and December 2017 by the independent sociological research firm myWord. Residents of Madrid over 18 years of age. Sample size: 2,000 interviews. For a 95.5% confidence level, the margin of error is +/- 2.19%.

Nuevo Norte

We are the first company in Spain to create a Social Engagement Area to promote a new form of urban development and build a more prosperous, more sustainable, more modern city with more opportunities.

Madrid Nuevo Norte will create 250,000 jobs, close the gaping wound that has cut in half the north of Madrid for more than 50 years, carry out a full renovation of Chamartín train station and build a new iconic image of the capital.



Distrito Castellana Norte promotes a new form of sustainable urban development.


We seek to make a positive impact on the city and its inhabitants.


81% of the people of Madrid and 92% of the residents in the area support the project.

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