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Castellana 120


4 November, 2019

Renewed Madrid Nuevo Norte experience

The SIENTE room at Madrid Nuevo Norte’s exhibition with 3D VR headsets, now offers a renewed experience that gives a better insight into the project.
9 April, 2019

A transparent city scale model showcases the “inner workings” of Madrid Nuevo Norte to the public

Thanks to a new interactive city scale model, you can now discover the look of the large infrastructures of northern Madrid.
20 February, 2019

CEIM visits Madrid Nuevo Norte’s exhibition

A delegation of the Confederation of Madrid Entrepreneurs highlighted the importance of the jobs that will be created by the project
11 February, 2019

Twenty thousand people have visited the Madrid Nuevo Norte exhibition

Distrito Castellana Norte (DCN) opened in December the Madrid Nuevo Norte space, an interactive exhibition on the urban development project that will transform the capital
20 December, 2018

Madrid Nuevo Norte’s new interactive space at 120 Castellana Avenue

Citizens can now get a glimpse of the Madrid of the future at the new exhibition space located at 120 Castellana Avenue
19 December, 2018

DCN opens the Madrid Nuevo Norte exhibition

Citizens can now visit the open exhibition on the Madrid of the future at 120 Castellana Avenue