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31 July, 2020
Movilidad eficiente e imagen icónica  confluirán en la estación de Chamartín

Efficient mobility and iconic image will converge at Chamartín station

Adif has already undertaken initiatives to prepare for the significant change in rail mobility in the commuter, long-distance and high-speed networks.
29 April, 2020
La historia de Chamartín, de pequeño apeadero a la estación más avanzada de Europa

The history of Chamartín Station, from train stop to Europe’s most advanced station.

A review of 53 years of Chamartín station’s, from its origin as a small train stop to its future as a railway hub that is an international benchmark and the heart of the Spanish High-Speed Rail system (AVE, in Spanish).
10 October, 2019

Future Chamartín train station, an essential element for the future of Madrid

The railway complex will be the region’s mobility hub, helping position the capital of Spain at the European level.
29 March, 2019

Madrid Nuevo Norte will build one of the world’s largest decks over rail tracks

More than 200,000 square meters of rail tracks will be covered in an engineering feat unlike any other in our country, owing to its size and the fact that is must be carried out without disrupting rail traffic.
20 September, 2018

Madrid Nuevo Norte has been given the initial approval

Madrid City Council’s Delegate for Sustainable Development, José Manuel Calvo, welcomes the support of the four political groups at the municipal plenary session for this plan, and describes it as “historic”.
13 September, 2018

Below-market-rate housing will play a prominent role in Madrid Nuevo Norte

2,100 below-market-rate housing (VPPB and VPPL) will be built, accounting for 20% of residential buildings, double the required by law