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20 December, 2018

Madrid Nuevo Norte’s new interactive space at 120 Castellana Avenue

Citizens can now get a glimpse of the Madrid of the future at the new exhibition space located at 120 Castellana Avenue
19 December, 2018

DCN opens the Madrid Nuevo Norte exhibition

Citizens can now visit the open exhibition on the Madrid of the future at 120 Castellana Avenue
13 August, 2018

How the first public parks were created

The first parks in cities date back to the 19th century, preceded by intense public debate.
27 July, 2018

Institutional presentation of Madrid Nuevo Norte with broad consensus

The institutional presentation of the Madrid Nuevo Norte project took place on Friday, 27 July. The project, which will be developed on 235 hectares in the north of Madrid, will be a milestone in urban regeneration, sustainable mobility and job creation for the capital.