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4 March, 2021
Canal Isabel II

Aresti: “Madrid Nuevo Norte’s hydraulic infrastructures are decisive for all Madrid citizens”

The presentation of Madrid Nuevo Norte's hydraulic works brought together the President of the Community of Madrid, the mayor of the capital and the president of DCN to explain the importance of these works.
22 December, 2020
Madrid Nuevo Norte, urbanismo sostenible para la recuperación económica

Madrid Nuevo Norte, Sustainable Urban Development for Economic Recovery

At ABC's Foro Madrid Capital, leading urban planning experts and professionals have discussed the keys to new sustainable and human-centred urbanism. MNN comes in at the right time to be a lever for the economic recovery of Madrid and Spain.
2 December, 2020
Madrid Nuevo Norte, entre los mejores ejemplos internacionales del urbanismo participativo

Madrid Nuevo Norte, one of the best international examples of participatory urban design

Madrid Nuevo Norte was one of the case studies discussed at the course on “Inclusion, citizenship and measuring social impact in urban development”, organised by the Menéndez Pelayo International University, together with DCN.
25 November, 2020
Madrid Nuevo Norte, referente para un nuevo modelo de urbanismo centrado en las personas

Madrid Nuevo Norte, a benchmark for a new people-centred urban planning model

Madrid Nuevo Norte was the focus of the second day of the Symposium on Mobility and City organised by El Español and Invertia
24 November, 2020
Álvaro Aresti, “Madrid Nuevo Norte es el mejor ejemplo del poder transformador y económico del urbanismo sostenible”

According to Aresti, “Madrid Nuevo Norte is the best example of the transformative and economic power of sustainable urban planning.”

Madrid Nuevo Norte was the focus of the second day of the Symposium on Mobility and City organised by El Español and Invertia
13 October, 2020
Parques lineales: recorridos verdes que cosen ciudades

Linear parks: green routes that stitch together cities

In recent years, cities across the world have rehabilitated swathes of brownfield to create green areas for pedestrians.
2 October, 2020
Economía circular: las ciudades aprenden a transformar su modelo de crecimiento

Circular economy: cities learn to transform their growth model

The so-called “circular cities” take steps towards an urban development that does not deplete natural resources.
28 September, 2020
Madrid Nuevo Norte logra su aprobación definitiva, un hito histórico para Madrid

Madrid Nuevo Norte, a model city for the future

Madrid Nuevo Norte addresses the main urban challenges of the coming decades, including environmental responsibility, talent retention and sustainable employment.
22 September, 2020
Innovación y creatividad para un futuro más sostenible

Innovation and creativity for a more sustainable future

DCN participates for the third time in the Global Goals Jam; a meeting centred on the Sustainable Development Goals. Madrid Nuevo Norte focuses on finding solutions to the challenges of sustainable cities and communities and inclusive and sustainable economic growth.