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16 September, 2020
Urbanismo sostenible: hacer ciudad recuperando vacíos urbanos en lugar de extendiéndola

Sustainable urbanism: building a city by recovering, rather than expanding urban voids

Madrid Nuevo Norte follows the prevailing trend in urban planning: leverage the opportunity afforded by brownfields in large cities.
7 September, 2020
“Madrid Nuevo Norte es una gran noticia para Madrid y para España”

“Madrid Nuevo Norte is great news for Madrid and for Spain”

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, opened the exhibition of the digital model of the project that embodies “the future of Madrid”.
7 September, 2020
La maqueta digital de Madrid Nuevo Norte se expone en la Real Casa de Correos de Sol hasta el próximo 18 de septiembre

Madrid Nuevo Norte’s digital model on display at the Real Casa de Correos at Puerta del Sol until 18 September

Admission is free, open Monday to Friday from 10am to 8 pm. The experience draws the visitor into the project that will transform Madrid, providing insight into its magnitude
31 July, 2020
Movilidad eficiente e imagen icónica  confluirán en la estación de Chamartín

Efficient mobility and iconic image will converge at Chamartín station

Adif has already undertaken initiatives to prepare for the significant change in rail mobility in the commuter, long-distance and high-speed networks.
21 July, 2020
Una innovadora maqueta digital para dar a conocer Madrid Nuevo Norte

An innovative digital model to raise awareness about Madrid Nuevo Norte

The spectacular scale model, which will be updated as the project progresses, can be visited by Madrid residents from September 7 to 20 at the Regional Government of Madrid at Puerta del Sol.
21 July, 2020
Máximo apoyo institucional en la presentación del proyecto definitivo de Madrid Nuevo Norte

Maximum institutional support in the presentation of the final Madrid Nuevo Norte project

Maximum institutional support in the presentation of the final Madrid Nuevo Norte project
17 July, 2020
Madrid nuevo norte primer proyecto candidato certificaciones LEED y BREEAM urbanismo en Europa (1)

Madrid Nuevo Norte, the first European project eligible for the two most prestigious urban sustainability marks

DCN has registered the Madrid Nuevo Norte project to obtain the BREEAM and LEED certificates in urban environments and communities master planning.
1 July, 2020

“Madrid Nuevo Norte wholeheartedly embraces the principles of sustainable urban development”

Jorge Serrano, director técnico de DCN, examina las recetas de la ciudad próxima en una jornada organizada por los Ingenieros de Caminos de Madrid
24 June, 2020

Madrid Nuevo Norte, sustainable building materials

Madrid Nuevo Norte includes special arrangements to ensure the responsible selection of construction materials to build streets and infrastructures.