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29 May, 2020
Madrid Nuevo Norte logra su aprobación definitiva, un hito histórico para Madrid

The City Council gives a fresh impulse to Madrid Nuevo Norte after its approval

Madrid’s City Council has introduced and adopted the clarifications requested by the Government of Madrid for approving the project on 25 March.
20 May, 2020
El Ayuntamiento licita la reforma del Nudo Norte,  una actuación coordinada con Madrid Nuevo Norte

The City Council issues a call for the reform of the Nudo Norte (Madrid Northern Interchange), an action coordinated with Madrid Nuevo Norte

This redevelopment will reduce traffic congestions and CO2 emissions, improving road safety significantly. The works will begin this year with a 22-month execution period.
19 May, 2020
¿Cómo será en el futuro la entrega de paquetería en nuestras ciudades?

What will package delivery be like in the future in our cities?

Urban logistics has been a key factor in the health crisis, but no less vital once it abates. Cities are seeking solutions for the so-called last-mile delivery.
20 April, 2020

Madrid Nuevo Norte, urban development in line with the Sustainable Development Goals

Madrid’s large urban development project addresses 12 of the SDGs adopted under the UN’s 2030 Agenda.
7 April, 2020
Sellos LEED Y BREEAM: edificios y entornos urbanos sostenibles para un futuro más habitable

Leed AND BREEAM Certifications: sustainable buildings and urban environments for a more liveable future

BREEAM and LEED are the world’s leading sustainable certification systems and the gold standard in Spain for many years.
2 April, 2020
Obras de urbanización que piensan en los vecinos

Resident-focused urban development

The implementation of Madrid Nuevo Norte will involve several initiatives to minimise inconvenience and add value to neighbouring districts.
30 March, 2020

DCN celebrates final approval of Madrid Nuevo Norte

La aprobación por unanimidad de Madrid Nuevo Norte en el Ayuntamiento de Madridabrió una nueva etapa en DCN, que se refuerza con este nombramiento.
25 March, 2020
Madrid Nuevo Norte logra su aprobación definitiva, un hito histórico para Madrid

Madrid Nuevo Norte receives its final approval, a historic milestone for Madrid

This decisive step opens the door to the implementation phase of the project, which will imminently initiate the greatest urban transformation of Madrid.
17 March, 2020
La Comisión de Urbanismo da su informe favorable sobre Madrid Nuevo Norte, último paso para su aprobación definitiva

Town Planning Committee grants favourable report to Madrid Nuevo Norte: last step before its final approval

Madrid Government has already received the unanimous favourable report for the final project approval on March 25.