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11 June, 2020
“Contar con la visión de la infancia sobre el espacio público mejora el proyecto”

“Understanding children’s vision on public spaces improves the project”

DCN participated in the fourth laboratory for the preparation of the CITIES Forum 2020, which analysed the city from the children’s perspective
25 February, 2020
Las vecinas y Madrid Nuevo Norte: una alianza para mejorar la ciudad

Women in the Neighbourhood and Madrid Nuevo Norte: an Alliance to Improve the City

Together with the UNESCO Chair, DCN presented the result of months of work alongside women living in the northern districts of Madrid
18 December, 2019
Los madrileños, ilusionados con Madrid Nuevo Norte

Madrid citizens’ excitement about Madrid Nuevo Norte

We spoke with several Madrid citizens who visited the Madrid Nuevo Norte exhibition at 120 Castellana Avenue to get their feedback.
18 October, 2019

Madrid Nuevo Norte works hand-in-hand with adjacent neighbourhoods

Madrid Nuevo Norte has been designed to integrate the consolidated historic areas with the new ones yet to be built.